Safety Management

All power plants of Glow Group have initiated and continually followed to the Corporate Health and Safety Policies and Procedures. The EHS activities and performance are displayed throughout the EHS Day program. Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and Ergonomic Guidelines have been established and implemented to provide provisions and guidelines for employees. In addition, contractors commit to and perform Glow’s Health and Safety Requirements for Contractors before contracts are agreed.

Moreover, Glow Group has reviews and improves EHS policies and procedures to meet a high standard of EHS performance. Training programs are established and conducted to employees and contractors, who utilize their skills, and abilities to perform the Glow Group's work in daily working. Glow Group utilizes the existing resources to achieve the goals of EHS management system, and to ensure the clean and safe workplaces for both Employees and Contractors.

   Last Reviewed/Updated : 1/Jan/2014

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